Brake Meter News
Bowmonk Brake Check

Bowmonk has redesigned the casing for it's BrakeCheck. The new ergonomically designed brake meter is much easier for the operator to hold and to see test results. The back of the meter contains two stabilizing strips to hold the meter steady on the floor of a vehicle while brake testing.
The Bowmonk BrakeCheck is self-contained, portable, and battery-powered. It is accurate, easy to operate, and very affordable !

Read a recent review of the Bowmonk Brakecheck from the October 2011 issue of Commercial Vehicle Workshop magazine.


Brake Meter Recalibration

For preventable maintenance and to assure accuracy, Bowmonk and Tapley recommend a recalibration of all brakemeters to be performed every two years. Brakemeters may be returned to Wager for recalibration. The process takes approximately 4 weeks from receipt of the meter.