VICTAULIC Groove Systems
There are numerous benefits associated with using Victaulic grooved piping systems. From reduced weight to design versatility Victaulic grooved products are renowned worldwide
for their ease of installation and maintenance benefits.

When compared to flanged systems Victaulic components weigh up to 50% less. Requiring the removal of two bolts and nuts for access to the system versus eight bolts and nuts for
flanged systems down time is reduced by up to 70%. And Victaulic grooved couplings allow for flexibility or rigidity based on your system requirements.

What's more Victaulic grooved couplings provide visual verification of joint integrity. Since there are no torque requirements all that is needed is for the housings to be tightened metal-to-metal.

For systems requiring less weight, installation time and downtime there is only one answer- Victaulic groove systems.
Victaulic is rated for systems up to 1000 psi/6900 kPa and is offered with a variety of gasket materials that are designed specifically for your service requirements. Thetriple seal design of the gaskets enhances the seal as mpressures increase.

Victaulic products are available with a variety of finishes to accommodate the most challenging environments. Couplings are available painted or galvanized to meet the demands of your system.