Bowmonk Brakemeter
We Simplify Your Brake Testing
The internationally recognized standard for over 50 years
Used by:
  • Transit authorities
  • School District Garages
  • Trucking Fleets
  • Commercial Bus Fleets
  • Municipal Vehicles

Check the brake efficiency of your vehicles the economical way!


Braking Efficiency Measurement
  • Braking Force
  • Stopping Distance
  • Stop Time without pulling the brake cylinders
For preventable maintenance and to assure accuracy, Bowmonk and Tapley recommend a recalibration of all brakemeters to be performed every two years. Brakemeters may be returned to Wager for recalibration. The process takes approximately 4 weeks from receipt of the meter.
  • Rugged, low maintenance costs
  • Simple to use
  • No special skill is required
  • Reliable results
  • Extremely precise
  • Light weight, easily portable

Available as floor model (shown in box above)

Also available with "G" Clamp (shown at right)