Five Gas Analyzer
Wager Company is proud to announce it is now a distributor for UEI's Five Gas Analyzers and accessories.

The Five Gas Analyzer...

• Measures 5 gases individually: oxygen (O2), carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Oxides of Nitrogen (NOX), ( actual not calculated ).

• Calculates A/F ratio ( Lambda)

• Infared link to optional portable printer

• Programmed to evaluate gasoline, LPG and CNG fuels

• Programmable four or eight line backlit display

• Separate Pump Switch run only during testing )

• Measurements shown in real time

• Integral flow checking provides warning of probe or flter blockages

• Calibration procedure uses standard automotive test gases

• Includes protective rubber boot, water trap and filter, carrying case, battery charger, exhaust probe w/filters