6500RR Railroad Opacity Meter

Wager's locomotive opacity meter is custom designed for railroad application. Our standard system comes complete with a unique mounting frame, heavy duty optics to withstand high temperatures, heat resistant cables, and software programs designed specifically for this industry. Customers may choose between the 6500RR Opacity Meter, and the 7500RR Opacity Meter, depending on their specific needs.

  • Control Unit
  • Light Unit
  • Receiving Unit
  • Up to 150' Heavy Duty Shielded Cable
  • Verification Filter Assembly
  • 100 samples per second.
  • Power Supply Transformer• 0-1Volt
  • Has a rise time of .5 seconds
  • Retransmission output for use with a chart recorder or data acquisition system.
  • Has a light source collimated to a diameter of 1.125 inches for accuracy while spanning longer distances
Railroad Mounting Frame