Media Life Indicator Pellets
A highly effective media for removing hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) found in wastewater treatement applications. Porous pellets containing powdered activated carbon, alumina and other binders, impregnated with chemicals to enhance the capacity for removal of hydrogen sulfide. The gases are removed by a means of adsorption, absorption and chemical reaction. The gases are trapped within the pellets, where a chemical reaction changes the gases into a harmless compound, eliminating the possibility of desorption.

The pellets are non-toxic and landfill disposable. Pellets are blue in color, and turn white when the media is spent. A complimentary lab analysis is also offered to determine the remaining life of the media. This is especially helpful in creating an effective PM program for odor control.

This odor media is ideal for use in environments requiring control of hydrogen sulfide gas, such as wastewater treatment plants, pumping stations, wet wells, lift stations and sludge holding tanks. It shall perform effectively under the following conditions and guidelines.

Temperature -4º F to 125º F (-20º C to 51º C)

Humidity: 10-95% Relative Humidity

12 LBS Canister
30 LBS Canister
50 LBS Canister
Part # OCI-1800
Part # OCI-2050
Part # OCI-2050-50
Wager media is shipped in canisters specifically designed for our valves. Both canisters are recyclable and are designed for easy replacement.

The 1800 canister is transparent to quickly check if the blue indicator pellets have turned white. The canister holds 12 LBS of media. For a limited time, you can purchase a six pack of 1800 media canisters for a discounted price.

For our larger sized odor control valves, we offer a 50LB. Our 3100 uses a 30LB canister.