1800 Marine Odor Control Valve
The 1800 Marine Odor Control Vent Valve is designed to allow for ventilation of black water and grey water tanks. On smaller vessels, the model 1800 provides necessary odor control at the tank’s location.

The valve connects to a gooseneck pipe, or can be vertically mounted on the ship’s deck with a rain shield. The valve body may be easily disassembled with two quick release lockable metal latches. The interior of the body contains a canister containing 12 lbs of odor controlling media. The media is engineered in pellet form to allow for adequate airflow thru the media bed, and is highly effective in removing hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) found in wastewater treatment applications. Pellets are non-toxic and landfill disposable. The media contains blue indicator pellets that turn white when the media is spent. A complementary lab analysis is also offered to determine the remaining life of the media. This is especially helpful in creating an effective preventative maintenance program for odor control.

Do you need piping for your valve purchases ? Wager has a broad inventory of industrial pipe fittings for both marine and wastewater industries. Fittings include butt weld, threaded and flanged. Materials are hot dip galvanized steel, aluminum or 304-316 stainless steel.

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This animation illustrates how H2S gas (green arrows) gets scrubbed thru the media bed resulting in deodorized air (blue arrows).